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Springy-Clean Detox
Hey FHC fans,

To keep you informed about things that can benefit you, we are sharing our instructor Janell Hartman’s Temple wise class. Details below.

We’ve built the foundations, opened the exit doors…ready for deep cleaning!
Whether you’ve been following along with this year’s progressive course, or just joining us on the journey, this class can help you dive into your body’s systems and clear out the gunk in safe, effective, time-tested ways. Ever wanted to be better friends with your liver? We’ll get in-depth and intimate by exploring the form, function and care of the hardest working organ on your team. Discussion around emotional/psychological layers will be woven in, as detox goes so much deeper than just the physical.

Temple Wise

Springy-Clean Detox: Tune in, Turn on, Clear out!

Taught by Janell Hartman

Date: Thursday April 6, 2017

Times: Choose from these one hour class options: 12pm and 7:30pm

Discounts: 10% off all products purchased and your next session booked during the event

RSVP: Call 206-729-6211

We’re looking forward to gathering for this fun and informative class!

Topics include:
–Detox theory and strategy
–Learn all about your amazing liver!
–Tummy Temple Supportive services and products
–Wisdom, tips and tricks from Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine
–3rd Chakra (Manipura or “solar plexus”) balance
–Featured restorative yoga posture + easy pranayama (breath work) for cleansing

Join us every first Thursday for Wellness Classes held in the beautiful and comfy Serenity Lounge. Classes offered by Tummy Temple’s Education and Outreach Director: Janell Hartman

The amazing and compelling Janell Hartman is a brilliant wellness advocate that will take your wellness knowledge and motivation to a whole new level of embodiment. Janell provides Colon Hydrotherapy, Electro-lymphatic Therapy and Restorative Yoga Therapy to the Temple community. She also leads the Yin Yoga community with weekly “retreats” on Friday nights at Twist in Edmonds and teacher trainings throughout the region. The inside scoopie on Janell is that she regularly brings the most creative culinary treats to the Temple that you could ever imagine. She keeps us all tuned into art and the joy of clothes swapping. Recently appointed to the position of Education and Outreach Director she is busy creating something special for you every month to keep you inspired to be your best self throughout the year!
Written by:
Fremont Health Club Staff
Seattle, WA
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