In accordance with Governor Jay Inslee's Executive Order, all health clubs and fitness centers in King County are closed until at least April 6th, 2020.
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Meet Tim
We got a chance to chat with one of our most experienced trainers, Tim Beauchamp. Learn more about him in and out of the gym below!

You've lived quite a full life! You were an officer in the army, earned a degree in biology, coached tennis and skiing, and competed internationally in triathlons and Judo (just to name a few). Of all your vast experiences, which were the most formative for who you are today?

Probably living in Germany in my twenties and early thirties, where I competed in both judo and triathlon, as well as doing a lot of skiing and ski mountaineering in the Alps.

What's next on your bucket list?

I'd like to get back to learning Argentine tango and finally learning how to windsurf.

What role does music play in your life?

I have been playing the guitar for over 50 years and singing even longer than that. I still take lessons from a guitar teacher, and two years ago started studying with a vocal coach. I need to get out and perform more, and I am currently working on a couple of CDs. Music is a fundamental part of my life.

Is there anything your AREN'T good at?

Yes, answering questions like this one! Actually, there are a lot of things that I am not good at, but if they are important, I try to work at getting better at them.

Can you tell us more about your Strength & Conditioning 111 class?

While it is impossible to create a one size fits all class, this class serves a bunch of constituencies. At its core, it is a great morning wake up and warm up, starting off with unweighted calisthenic movements, then going to barré techniques and then lightly weighted full body exercises. At this point, the class breaks off with some people choosing to do cardio on the many machines at FHC, and others working on weight lifting programs, with my assistance. I'm available during this period for any questions you might have about weight lifting or other conditioning modalities and will set you up with beginning and intermediate weight lifting programs that you can follow on your own. In the last ten minutes or so of the class, the members re-assemble for some ab exercises and a cool down stretch. While this class was initially designed for seniors, it can be adapted and adopted by anyone seeking to up their strength and conditioning.

You have a lot of experience working with seniors. What advice would you give someone in regards to fitness as they progress in life?
It is crucial to work hard to maintain muscle mass and mobility as we age. It gets harder as we get older, but it is vital to living a higher quality life and is not as insurmountable as many people seem to think.
Written by:
Fremont Health Club Staff
Seattle, WA
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