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Trainer Spotlight – Devon Johnson Porter
This month we got a chance to talk to FHC's longtime personal trainer extraordinaire, Devon Johnson Porter! She's a weightlifter, a mom, and a literal rock star! Read on to learn more about her.

How did you first get interested in fitness? What made you decide to make it your career?

Exercise has always been a mood stabilizer for me. Trail runs and walks in the forest calm my overactive mind leaving me feeling focused and energized. Fifteen years ago after bouncing from desk job to desk job I found myself depressed and over weight. I decided I was forever done with sitting and focused on a career that allowed movement and change. I chose personal training as I loved weight lifting and wanted to share the feeling of empowerment that I achieved when I felt strong.

What do you specialize in as a personal trainer?

Over the years my personal training specialties have ranged from weight loss, strength conditioning and rehabilitation. I took a special interest in the rehabilitation aspect of strength training and pursued a degree in massage. The combination of strength training and massage allows me to fully service my

When someone wants to learn how to weight train, I always refer them to you. You are the queen of weights! What is your favorite lift and why?

I appreciate the compliment that I'm the "queen of weights." Sometimes I get competitive with myself, especially if I've plateaued on weight gains. To answer your question about my favorite lift, it would have to be an Olympic lift. I'm really into snatches and clean and split jerks. They are technically challenging and work the whole body. I've been able to really develop upper body strength because of these lifts. There is also a challenge of overcoming the fear that this lift brings out mentally. This is really true when you are pushing yourself on weight. In your head your like, " will I land this or will it land me-haha!"

You have a young daughter. How do you manage to prioritize your family time with work and your own fitness goals?

I prioritize my fitness as a mom and business owner by making sure I work out before the workday. That means I get up early. I'm not saying I'm a morning person but I workout early. Working out before the workday ensures it gets done, allows me to consistently exercise five days a week, it calms and focuses my mind for the day and it extends the time I have for productivity on other tasks. It sets the day
for success. I can see the non-morning folks rolling their eyes now! But in all seriousness, I'm able to balance the work, family, personal interest parts of my life by getting an early start. I also give myself a break when I can't get everything done. Each day I write down the top five goals I want to accomplish and whatever didn't make that list gets forgiven. It wasn't the priority that day and that's ok.

Outside of the gym what do you do for fun?

Outside the gym my interest range from art, baking, entertaining and music.
I'm currently in an all female modern rock band called, Revolution Red. We perform in the
Seattle and surrounding areas. It's a lot of fun and feeds the artistic part of my personality.

Written by:
Fremont Health Club Staff
Seattle, WA
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