General Gym Manager, Entrepreneur, Inspirer

How did you decide to leave Ukraine and choose to live in Seattle?
After graduation I have been working as a Project Manager for a couple of years. I performed lots of projects for the City Fire Department, Middle School, and Technological College. I really felt that I needed to improve my skills, so I moved to Seattle and started studying at the University Of Washington. It was a great experience. I gained real business skills needed for a successful career in a booming economy.

What are your life passions and long term goals?
My main goal and passion is to inspire people. I like to be around people, to share my knowledge, my ideas, my thoughts and listen to one-another. That is why I have been really frustrated with the Quarantine routine, when we are supposed to be socially distant for such a long time.

I am dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and fitness. I started my bodybuilding story two years ago and I am still learning my body. I am passionate about being healthy and active, not to waste any minute of my life. I try to raise my son the same way - my two-year-old boy is an extremely active, athletic, outdoor kid! We enjoy our beautiful Emerald City and like to explore every part of this Gem together with our friends.

My main goal at FHC is to create an exceptional customer experience for the Members.

Tell us about your fashion business and upcoming Trunk show at the Club.
I started my company a year ago. Currently our fashion studio has three people working on projects and we are growing every day. I believe that everybody is unique, that is why flexibility is our key approach.
Bilazira Fashion Collections are fully customizable and exclusive. Usually we have three bottoms, three tops and a couple of accessories in each collection.
For example for the Winter 2020-21 Activewear Collection we have three Jackets, three different types of socks, three scarves and three hats. Create your unique look just by combining our garments with your favorite leggings! Not to mention that our pieces are one-of-a-kind.
Bilazira Winter 2020-21 Activewear Collection will be hosted at the Club

starting November 20th 2020

Visit Bilazira Activewear Collection Trunk Show and meet me for a chat! You might find such a great Thanksgiving or Christmas Gift. Read about us here and visit us online