Group classes are designed for all levels and can be modified. Online class registration opens 5 days before a class and closes a half hour before a class.

Once online registration has closed, you may contact the front desk to sign up or ask the instructor if there is room before the class begins.

Group Classes: Get fit while having fun and learning
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  • Class attendees must arrive at least 5 minutes early and "check-in" with the instructor or your spot may be given to a standby student.
  • If you have previously signed up for a class and can not attend, please cancel your reservation within 2 hours of class start time in order to accommodate another member.
  • Repeated late cancellations may be charged a $5 late-cancel fee. Classes are free* for members, and $10-15 dollars for non-members depending on class length.
  • Non-members must check in at the front desk upon arrival to sign in and pay for class. (*Special Class Events may not be included, see description for details.)
Learn More About Our Classes
Each instructor brings their own exciting flavor to workouts and we have special limited classes regularly!
Ab Lab
Core strength is the foundation for every workout! Enhancing balance & strength, this class helps prevent injury during other sports and activities.
Barbell Burn
45 minutes of continous weight training using barbell and dumbbells. You'll get cardiovascular benefits while building strength and lean muscle.
Focus on proper form, alignment and posture while increasing strength, muscle tone and stamina in this low impact class.
Barre Sport
Like Barre but peppier. The pace will pick up and movements may be bigger, but concept is the same. Unexpected and delightful torture.
Glutes Only
In this totally glute focused 30 minute class, we'll use resistance bands, body weight, and free wieghts to build and tone your booty good!
Learn the basic 6 punches of boxing, hot to slip, bob & weave, counter punch, work with mitts and much much more.
Full body workout, circuit format, that will get your heart rate up and build strength. Half HIIT and half strength training. Best of both worlds.
High Fitness
A combo of HIIT, Plyometrics and simple yet intense movements set to music. Expect cardio PEAKS and toning tracks as your "rest".
H.I.I.T. stands for HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING and includes cardio, strength, core, bodyweight, props, etc.
Strength & Conditioning 111
This is a strength and movement class involving un-weighted calisthenics, balance movements, light weight exercises, and individualized cardio.
Strength Training
Strength training gone circuit style in this full body weight lifting workout. Build strength but also improve balance, core stability & coordination.
Strong By Zumba
Combining body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric moves all synced to music, this class energizes!
Yoga Power Flow
This music-fueled class is an energetic and powerful form of yoga where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting breath to movement.
Yoga Restorative
Renew your mind, body and soul with our restorative yoga class. Bodies need rest and reflection as much as they need movement and work.
Yoga Vinyasa
Vinyasa yoga is smooth flowing and focuses on nurturing strength & flexibility in the spine as well as the supportive muscle groups.
Yoga Sculpt
Yoga meets arm day. Free weights are used to highlight muscles and movements to improve your overall yoga practice.
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