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Meet Dr John Lusk
Meet Dr John Lusk

John and his wife ,Tania, with their twin children, Josie and Billy, have been members since 2013. I have watched the parents allow their kids to be as much a part of the gym experience as possible. They spent many visits at the kids club and now they are old enough to do their own workouts. John is an ER doctor at several local hospitals. He works crazy shifts and will come in afterward to wind down before heading home.

John, this must have been the wildest ride with the pandemic on the last season. Could you share what has impacted you the most or an experience of a silver lining during the last year?
I feel privileged to be a frontline worker during the COVID-19 pandemic. It's what we all signed up for, and our local EMS crews, technicians, nurses, physicians and all hospital staff met the threat head on and with our best work. Thankfully PPE protocols kept most of us safe. The management of our patients suffering from COVID was evidence-based and certainly kept many alive. Healthcare workers function as a team. I know that many on our teams endured the stress and sadness of constantly being masked and gowned and seeing suffering. So often our greater community showed appreciation to health care workers in the form of thank yous, banging pans, signs or free food. These expressions were sooo helpful. Feeling loved by your community is wonderful!

What does being a father mean to you?
Being a Dad is tough work. Of course, it's such a great thing but man it's tough! You are helping to shape future adults and members of our community. My children are eleven years old (twins). They are kind people which is really all I care about. I have my wife (Tania) and our local school (BF Day) to thank for their kindness.
Your gym membership has been an important part of your daily routine. What has motivated you to keep a good routine?
I love Fremont Health Club! I exercise for so many reasons. First and foremost is mental health - helps me deal with stress and makes me feel good about my body. Also I enjoy the outdoors and I need to be fit for my favorite hobby - climbing. My wife and kids go as well!