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Instructor Spotlight
Jenny Heap
What makes Yoga Sculpt so challenging?
Yoga sculpt is a combination of circuits and HIIT, based in yoga. There is a hyper focus on form, making traditional exercises more challenging as you continually adjust to reset your base posture. Humility is key. Secondly, there is a mindfulness piece to the practice that challenges more than muscle.

Why did you choose teaching classes as your main source of income?
I left my career in Human Resources to pursue fitness and had to set aside the many benefits of a 9-5 job. In turn, I feel much more fulfilled being included in the fitness journey of others. There is nothing that brings me more happiness than a student telling me they feel stronger mentally and physically, and set aside number driven goals.

In the summer, you migrate away from the classroom setting. What do you do?
I spend my summers sea kayak guiding in the San Juan Islands. I have led expedition trips for 5 years. Appreciation of the natural world is a big piece of my life. I think the best way to encourage others to protect our environment is by allowing them to experience it firsthand.

Can you tell us a little about yourself that has made you would you are today?
I was always told growing up I was uncoordinated and inflexible and shouldn't practice certain sports. When I graduated college, I began practicing yoga and found it the most challenging movement for coordination and flexibility. The challenge kept me coming back as well as the reminder from my instructors that there is no end goal in yoga; it is a continuous journey. It took me a year of practicing yoga everyday before I could touch my toes. My body is very slow to strengthen and lengthen, which is why I never stop practicing.

I incorporate the same challenge into everything I teach: yoga, cycling, sculpting, circuit, barre, and fusion classes. Let's set aside the things we are told we cannot do and practice strengthening all that we can.