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Member Spotlight -Michael Stevenson

Can you tell us where you work and what you do?
I work at the King County Prosecutor’s Office, at the courthouse downtown Seattle, I am their Computer Technician, I have been with them for 19yrs, so there is never a dull moment!!

What are the limitations of working in an historic building
Technology is always changing and our building is not quite built for the most current technology that is out there, so it does make it a challenge!

What’s your favorite sport to watch?

So I am pretty predictable when it comes to sports, my favorite is Pro Football my team is Atlanta Falcons/ I do like the Hawks just because the NFL does not recognize the Seahawks so I do want them to stick to the NFL every chance they get!!

Tell us what sports team you play on and what motivates you to do so.

I am still active in our local sports around here in our city, I like to compete so I play City Soccer and Softball, the motivation is to challenge myself to stay healthy enough to be able to play!!!

You’re a great motivator. I’ve seen you mentoring young folks and lately your darling partner, Eva, is on the gym floor right there with you. What’s your driving force to stay at the top of your game?

My beliefs are to treat and believe that every person is amazing and that their downfalls are their strengths and it can make them in that amazing person that they want to be, if I can be of any help to that then I will!!!!!