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Interview with Larry Berger!
A page in the Story of Fremont: Larry Berger

The other day I went to visit, Larry Berger, at his residence in the heart of Fremont where he has his hair salon. After my hair cut, he agreed to do an interview with me. He has done my hair off and on for many years now and it’s always a pleasure to capture insights into his Fremont. Being a hair dresser, he certainly knows many secrets but you’ll never catch him sharing those stories. His salon and living areas are filled with collectible treasures that have found a second use and placed skillfully in a way that tell their own story. He is always ready to strike up a conversation with a stranger or old friend. He believes in supporting local businesses first. Larry has referred many other members to us and we are so grateful to have him as one of our long time members. Here are a few questions I asked him:

What brought you to Fremont?
I was looking for a city that was a bit more sophisticated than my home town of Tacoma. I was drawn first to the art scene and the Fremont Solstice over 35 years ago. There was no parade back then, just the fair. I would go to the disco back when that was the thing. It was in the building where Costa Opa’s was (now Chase Bank). I also helped some friends find a space to open a tiny coffee shop, ETG. On the same day I helped another friend find a space to bring Delux Junk (a collectables paradise of reuse treasures) with the apartment above that I eventually moved into and have been there for 30 years now. After Delux Junk closed, the Tzar Dumpling restaurant is under construction and hopes to open up soon.

What’s kept you here all these years?
It’s a feeling I have that I fit in here. The most friendly place I’ve ever encountered, unlike any other community. It is a part of what has attracted to so many wonderful businesses here. I love living in Fremont.

Tell me about your business:
I’ve been in cosmetology for 39 years and have my shop in my home,
I also do paint treatment. Refurbish old furniture (with an artistic touch).
I am also a part time care giver now for the last 7 years.

I’ve seen you many times walking the neighborhood picking up trash. How did that get started?
Well, a lot of garbage in the streets. It’s so much more pleasant when the trash is picked up. It defiantly gets me walking around and staying active.

What are some of the biggest changes you have you seen since you moved here?
The Burk Gilman Trail has been a big part of the improvements. We have all benefited especially from the Quadrant buildings improvements.
Fremont is a wonderful place. It’s only going to get better and hoping to see a higher level of consciousness when more people are more vocal to making positive improvements.

What is your vision for future for Fremont?
I want Fremont to be cleaner, if some of the building owners would put up some hanging garden baskets, plant parking strips in front of their buildings and we need more volunteers to pick up trash. And more trash cans would help.

You recently had knee surgery. Have you been able to use the gym to help you heal?
Yes, in both knees. One in March and the other in May. I used to go to MTI Physical Therapy but know I take what I have learned and come to the gym three times a week. The doctor says I am improving faster than the average and I think it’s partially because I take my FHC gym exercises seriously.

Thank you for sharing, Larry Berger.

Larry is looking for new clients and his prices are reasonable: 206-632-2233
Written by:
Fremont Health Club Staff
Seattle, WA
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