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What our community says...
Awesome health club! They totally re-vamped the place with the best machinery one could ask for in a gym and classes that will keep your interest and get you into shape! The staff there are AMAZING, very inviting and are there to make your goals a reality! I totally recommend this health club to everyone!
Lauren D.
via Yelp
I love this gym. Great place to go to in the morning to convince yourself that it was justifed eating a whole large deep dish pizza like a giant taco single-handedly the night before.
Wade Hampton
via Facebook
This place is great! Clean, open 24/7, wonderful equipment. The staff is knowledgeable, honest and genuine.
Londa K.
via Yelp
I love the half hour noon classes, and the wonderful instructors who teach them. Thanks guys!
Leslie Brown
via Facebook
Nothing beats a real visit and we'd sure like to meet you, but if you want to have a look around without making a trip, try exploring the club with our virtual tour.

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