Iryna Lahoda
Business Development Manager
Lillian Cawdrey
Hello my name is Iryna Lahoda and I am excited to be a part of your health and fitness journey. A certified Project Manager and successful business owner of 

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I started my bodybuilding story two years ago, and still dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and fitness. My main goal and passion to inspire people. I believe that everybody is unique, that is why flexibility is our key approach. Bilazira Fashion Collections are fully customizable and exclusive [email protected]

Feel free to ask me any questions

Lillian Cawdrey
Lillian seized the opportunity to invest in the Fremont Health Club when the space became available. She left behind a career in architecture and interior design with a goal to create a facility that can support healthy living, a place where members can reach and maintain their fitness goals in a welcoming, non-competitive environment, where they can build lasting relationships within the community. She surrounds herself with a friendly, professionally trained staff of personal trainers, group instructors, nutritional consultants and others that promote health and well-being for all stages of life.

Lillian was a competitive swimmer and cross-country runner in her youth. She has always loved the outdoor sports. Today she tries to keep up with her tween-age grand boys on the field or up the mountain. She loves walking her dog and having coffee with a friend. She strives for balance in all things – in work, in play to serve others with the gifts given to her by her Creator. You may find her covering the front desk but she is mostly stuck in her office. Don't be be afraid to pop in and distract her with a greeting.
Kendra Kainz
Personal Trainer
Adriana Medina
Personal Trainer
Tim Beauchamp
Personal Trainer & Instructor
Kim Brownlee
Personal Trainer
Kendra Kainz
Many years ago, I was on a healing quest that changed the trajectory of my life. I reclaimed my wellness after having health issues, surviving a divorce, and experienced a significant weight loss journey. That process manifested a transition from the corporate world of online retailing to the fitness industry. There is no doubt that improvement to one’s health and fitness requires a change in mindset and a commitment to lifestyle change. I believe in developing habits more than motivation alone. Motivation may start the engine, but habits are “how” you accomplish goals. I strive to connect, educate, and help develop resilience in my clients. I will challenge you and show you what you are capable of, because I enjoy seeing clients excel beyond their own expectations.

  • Strength and Muscle Development (i.e. upper body strength, core strength, complete a pull-up, overall strength)
  • Weight Loss / Body Transformation (includes body fat assessment & nutrition guidance)
  • Sports Conditioning or Sport Specific Training (worked with many runners/track athletes, cyclists, triathletes, skiers, surfers, snowboarders, paddleboarders, squash players and swimmers)
  • Run Coaching (track & distance training, couch to 5K)
  • Bodybuilding (women's)
  • Experience with Special Population/Health Issues; i.e.Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Scoliosis, Prenatal & PostPartum/Pregnancy 
  • Injury/Surgery Rehab (shoulders, knees -will work with client's PT)

Adriana Medina
Adriana believes that personal fitness isn't just something you do in the morning, during lunch, or on your way home from work; it's a way of life. Her own personal journey proves that anyone can embrace fitness at any age and discover a passion that can change their lives and the lives of those around them. Adriana's inspiring demeanor and vast knowledge of exercise theory and technique allows her to make exercise programs accessible to almost anyone regardless of their fitness level or their environment. By taking genuine interest in her personal training clients, she places a premium on motivating individuals to make health a priority in their lives.

Adriana holds a B.A. in International Business from Boise State University. She is certified by the International Sports and Science Association (ISSA) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Her unique experience within the health and fitness field includes fat loss, muscle gain, weight loss, functional health for pre and post-natal, and sports-specific athletic training.

Motivating. Educating. Empowering.


[email protected]
Devon Johnson Porter
Hello my name is Devon Johnson Porter and I am excited to be a part of your health and fitness journey. A certified fitness instructor and licensed massage therapist, I pride myself on creating a professional, reliable, and results driven relationship with true personalization for each client. My approach to wellness tends both the body and the mind through exercise, education and rehabilitation. This focus creates a 'perfect balance' between physical health and mental empowerment.

Fitness training is key to achieving your ideal physical health. In addition to healthy weight management and increased energy levels, regular fitness combats chronic disease and promotes better sleep habits. Utilizing a fast-paced combination of Pilates, resistance, and aerobic training, each Perfect Balance session is tailored to your body's needs and can help you burn up to 500 calories per session as you achieve your fitness goals.

Each training session ends with a massage nurturing the body in myriad ways. Increased circulation improves joint and muscle range of motion. This enhances your workouts and reduces the likelihood of muscle spasms, cramping, and injury.

If you are ready for health and fitness through empowerment, or if you just need to pay someone to keep you in line while catching up on the latest gossip, give me a call.


[email protected]

Manuel 'Manny' Dunham
Personal Trainer & Boxer

Contact: [email protected]

Book online at:

Body Circuit Training Instructor

I have been a boxer for 16 years and a personal trainer for 7 years. I love training people and making a huge difference in their lifestyle. There is no better feeling in the world than knowing that you helped make a difference in someone's life, and that is exactly what personal training is all about. There are many benefits to having a personal trainer, including: making goals and reaching them, losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and learning how to properly execute certain movements to prevent injury. I could go on for days with more examples, but the bottom line is this: IT"S TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE AND I'M HERE TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN.

Awards and Achievements:

Boxer ranked #6 in the nation

Oregon State Golden Gloves Champion

Washington State Regional Golden Gloves Representative

3 Time PNW Champion

3 Time McCracken Fight Night Champion

Artic Gloves Champion

Professional Fighter Making Pro Debut
Tim Beauchamp
CSCS Fitness consultant& Trainer,

Functionally Fit Instructor

A competitive cyclist, swimmer and tennis player in high school, Tim received his BA in Biology from Ripon College before heading to Germany with the U.S. Army. In his over ten years in Germany, Tim competed internationally in Judo and triathlon and spent as much time in the mountains skiing as possible. After returning to the States, he worked for REI and taught skiing (cross country, telemark and alpine styles) and did reserve duty with the Army culminating in a stint in Hungary for the Bosnian Peacekeeping mission. After being struck by a car while cycling, he was encouraged by his physical therapist and friends to take his love of athletics and training to a vocational level, starting at 24 Hour Fitness and progressing through some smaller trainer gyms before going to Sound Mind and body gym. There he focused on functional training for athletes, but also developed a class to replace a rehab class for post cardiac patients at the club. This class has become the Silver Power program and has been popular and successful for the past eight years.

The Silver Power class is a strength and movement class for people over 55 that involves un-weighted calisthenics, balance movements, light weight exercises, individualized cardio and finishes off with ab work and a stretching cool down.

[email protected]
Tyler Hutchison
I am a NASM certified personal trainer with a certification as a sports performance specialist. Born and raised in West Seattle and currently living in Queen Anne, I have been an athlete my entire life. I grew up playing baseball and basketball and continued to play baseball while enrolled at Edmonds CC. Helping others achieve their goals through health and wellness is my passion as well as helping athletes perform at their best. Fun fact: I can juggle and unicycle…at the same time.
Lo Shdo
Lo Shdo has been an athlete her entire life. Her athletic skill developed early in a variety of sports, but playing soccer became the standout. She continued to play at Seattle Pacific University as their goalkeeper.

After retiring from soccer, Lo shifted her focus to weight and fitness training. Learning through injuries, she recognized the value of excellent fitness as a lifestyle. Soon this lifestyle developed into her passion and calling to encourage and educate others toward optimum fitness, as a trainer. "Working out is the highlight of my day! I strive to share that same passion with everyone else!"

Having worked hard toward the goal of being a college goalkeeper, Lo understands how important good coaching is to reach success. She is driven to help others who might not know how to work out properly or don't even know where to begin.

Lo has her NCSF certification as a personal trainer, as well as a Bachelor of Science minor in Health and Fitness Education. Her style of fitness is high intensity cardio, weightlifting and running.

Lo also has another side to her – she's an artist! She graduated with a B.A. in Art & Illustration, specializing in drawing portraits and personal visions. She believes in using the gifts God has given her to serve others, in hopes that they will be blessed too.

contact: [email protected]
Kim Brownlee
I am an avid athlete from running marathons to snowboarding to cycling and anything else that sounds fun! I received my personal training certification through American College of Sports Medicine in 2013. I have experience in training in gym settings as well as in-home settings.

I have been a dental lab technician for the past 20 years and I decided that it was time for a change! Being active all my life from gymnastics, running, triathlons, cycling to snowboarding I thought personal training was a perfect fit. Having gymnastics training background it has taught me how important core strength is and how tough it is to achieve. Running marathons has taught me discipline and given me mental strength.

My goal as a personal trainer is to empower people to be the best and do their best at whatever level they are at.

I take great pride in staying fit.

My pride and joy is ultimately my active family!

contact: [email protected]
Christine Fleming
Christine has been a group fitness instructor for about 3 years and teaches a variety of formats including HIGH fitness which she teaches at multiple locations in Seattle. 

She also enjoys running and has run 8 half marathons and two full marathons over the last 6 years. She grew up in Minnesota and moved to Seattle from Salt Lake City 3 years ago. She enjoys all that the PNW has to offer, especially getting out of the city and hitting the hiking trails with her dog, Jack."
Jaclyn Rea
Pilates Mat, Barre, Circuit Training Instructor
Christine Fleming
Barre, High Fitness
Janell Hartman
Yoga Instructor
Jennifer Heap
Yoga Instructor
Marlina Velasco-Barker

Metabolic Fitness Coach

Marianne Clarke
Yoga Instructor
Jana Riggan
Barre & Barbell Burn Instructor
Tim Beauchamp
Strength & Conditioning 111 Instructor
Lo Shdo
Strength Training & Barre Instructor
Jill Jaques
Yoga Instructor
Janell Hartman
A longtime lover of physical fitness, Janell first tried yoga as many folks do–at the local gym. She soon began practicing consistently as an avenue of self-care during her decade of social work with homeless women. Within this intense environment, the practical benefits of asana (postures), pranayama (breath/energy work) and meditation became immediately apparent.

She completed her teacher training in 2005 and advanced teacher training in 2006 with 8-Limbs Yoga Center, and has deepened her direction towards yoga as a therapeutic modality in her studies with Tias Little, as well as numerous trainings from other accomplished teachers. Strong yet safe flow classes, restorative yoga, and teaching basics to beginners are her areas of expertise. A reverence for the natural world is reflected within class structures which honor the flux of seasonal energies that influence our physiology and emotions.

Janell constantly seeks opportunities to deepen, explore and experiment. She encourages her students to do the same.
Jennifer Koenig
Jennifer Koenig is a yoga instructor with a deep appreciation for the natural world. She loves celebrating nature through yoga, making both an integral part of her daily life. She believes yoga can be practiced in any environment, whether it's together with your community in a studio or out on a mountain top. Trained in both Power Yoga and Yoga Sculpt, she sees yoga as an opportunity to empower the body and mind, while creating a reciprocal relationship and appreciation of nature. She strives to create a truly unique class based not solely on the obtainment of a goal, but rather the journey one finds along the way. Come practice with Jennifer to receive a challenging, fun, full body workout while learning about the natural world surrounding us.
Marianne Clarke
Marianne has been practicing yoga since 2003. She completed her teacher training at 8 Limbs in Seattle and became an instructor in 2013. Marianne added barre to her teaching repertoire in 2015. She loves the way barre classes complement her vigorous yoga practice with upbeat music and numerous props to target strength training. A combination of floor work, barre practice, and core and ab sequences on the mat provides a full body workout in her classes.

Marianne seeks to challenge her students while always keeping their safety as her top priority. She offers options to students who need them or want them. While setting the bar high, she encourages her students to modify their practice as their bodies' needs dictate on any given day.

When she isn't at the gym, Marianne teaches middle school for Seattle Public Schools. She is a year-round bike commuter who follows the rules of the road.
Lindsay Brentin
Lindsay entered the fitness world in 2014 through Zumba (r) and has since enjoyed teaching its various formats to participants young and old. Through her work as a nurse, she has grown passionate about getting people moving to maintain and improve their wellness both mentally and physically.

Outside the gym, she enjoys long distance running and tasting the variety of cuisines Seattle has to offer.
Jana Riggin
I started teaching group ex classes in 1993, and received my ACE certification in 1995. I have taught at various health clubs throughout the greater Seattle area over the last several years. I teach a variety of styles, including bootcamp, strength, step, cycle and barre. When I'm not at the gym, I'm hanging out with my family – I have an 8-year old boy – or drinking wine with friends.
Sarah Hyde
I became a yoga student in 2012, at a time when anxiety and depression were taking over my life. I've always enjoyed a good, sweaty workout, but I was looking for something more contemplative, something physically challenging that would also support me on my inward journey of healing and growth. My yoga practice hasn't just helped – it's changed me and made my life so much richer in ways I could not even have predicted. When nothing else can quiet the mind or still the body, coming to your mat can. All you have to do is show up.

Despite a fear of being upside-down (I didn't even do cartwheels as a kid), I completed my RYT 200 in April of 2019. Becoming a teacher has deepened my practice and given me the opportunity to share my love of yoga with others, many of whom may never have tried it or had access to it before. I practice vinyasa, hatha, yin and restorative yoga. I teach a strong physical practice, rooted in all eight limbs of yoga, with a focus on breath and body connection and listening to and honoring your own body and what it needs. Also, I will laugh in my class, and I hope you laugh with me!

I love Radiohead, knitting, travel and the color gray. When I'm not on my mat, you'll find me sweating in the gym, listening to podcasts, or snuggling with my dogs. I am so grateful for this community and eager to share this life-changing practice with each of you.
Asia Casebolt
Asia has taught all over the world including Spain and India. She teaches Vinyasa and Sculpt style classes in a clear and concise way from her experience teaching students of different backgrounds and languages. Her clients range from private studio niches to larger gyms. Her eclectic background makes her teaching style easy to connect to within any culture or setting. The theme of her practice is to connect body and breath allowing space in the mind to be calm through activating postures. Her classes are focused on weaving pranayama and intention while educating students on body alignment and benefits.
Mckenzie Riepen
McKenzie Riepen was originally drawn to yoga for the physical workout and release from everyday pressures. With more consistency, she started to receive the benefits of yoga that spanned far beyond physical changes including positive mental and emotional effects to her well-being. Most importantly, yoga has taught her how to use her breath as the most powerful tool to become more present in daily life.

She completed her 200-hour teacher training in her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, in 2013. McKenzie compassionately guides her students to connect more deeply to themselves and to each other through breath work, creative energy flow sequencing, and music. Her aim in teaching is to help others find joy through their practice, which she believes should be accessible for everyone.

When McKenzie's not teaching or writing, she spends her time hiking, exploring Seattle and hanging out with her husband and two pups, Oliver and Louie.
Louisa Helms
Louisa is a yoga sculpt instructor, avid runner, and outdoor enthusiast. She played competitive soccer her entire life, played collegiately at Carnegie Mellon, and then turned to running and yoga sculpt after her competitive career ended. Fitness is her way of staying calm, practicing active meditation, and always making room for cake. She is currently a PhD student at UW studying kidney disease.
Michelle Gilbert
As a dancer from toddler age through college, regular exercise and movement was built into Michelle's daily life. But when she started a rigorous graduate school program, she discovered the importance of regular exercise not just for physical health but also mental health and overall well-being. Michelle fell in love with HIGH Fitness after her first class and has been a certified HIGH fitness since 2017. She believes exercise should be fun and brings high energy, a big smile and a sense of community to her classes.

Michelle has a B.S. in Exercise Science and a Masters degree in Biomedical Science. She is a certified Physician Assistant in Neurosurgery and a self-proclaimed anatomy buff.

On the weekends, you'll find her exploring the beautiful PNW with her husband and 2 daughters.
Jill Jaques
Jill's classes are inclusive, accessible, challenging, and clear. She draws on her training in vinyasa, hatha, and yin styles of yoga, as well as fitness teacher training in circuit-style classes and cycling.

Jill grew up on the beaches along the Virginia coast and has spent a lifetime in and around water. After graduate school, she moved to Seattle and completed her yoga teacher training at CorePower Yoga. Combining her love of yoga and water, she immediately pursued certifications in Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga from Lazy Dog Paddle in Key West and 3 Oms in Bellingham. When she's not out on the board or in the studio, Jill loves to teach and play the French horn. Jill is a Level 1 PSUPA certified stand-up paddleboard instructor.
Brandon Robinson
My mission is to make people embrace dance as a regular part of their fitness routine- whether it be through Cardio Dance, Zumba, Belly Dance or Hip Hop Fitness. I understand that everyday life can difficult, so spend an hour with me dancing and forgetting your troubles, all while burning calories. With over 10 years of experience of instructing group fitness exercise, dance fitness has been my passion from the beginning. When I'm not at the gym, I can be found searching the streets for amazing restaurants, cooking my favorite meals, or simply exploring Seattle!
Jaclyn Rea
Jaclyn is passionate about movement, fitness, and guiding people to tap into their bodies and the strength that lies within each unique individual. She's taught dance, fitness, and has performed professionally in NYC since graduating from SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance in 2012. Most recently, she's relocated to Seattle. Her classes are energizing, alignment driven, and challenge you to cultivate change in your body. In addition to being a NASM certified personal trainer, Jaclyn teaches barre, pilates, circuit training, and HIIT.
Marlina Velasco

“At thirty, I found myself out-of-shape, creaky joints, and struggling to participate in the outdoors lifestyle of my sphere. I started going to the gym 4-5 times each week with friends. My was motivation simple. I got in shape quickly, turned to mountain biking, and rode trails on occasion. Off and on didn’t work. I drank 4 mochas a day, smoked, and partied. In summer 2003, my doctor mentioned the “C” word...scared me!

I cleaned-up my lifestyle, started bicycling 5 days per week on Alki Beach (Seattle), hired a personal trainer in February 2009, and adopted a balanced, fuel your fitness approach, regenerative nutrition, Chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, and designed my own simple workouts without fancy equipment or gym.

Now 48, accountability is vital to my success. I built a community of health-seekers to support my new lifestyle. I attend continuing education events, harness the power of technology, and stay informed about innovative fitness approaches, nutrition, and a plethora of fitness related content to stay engaged, educated, and moving.

Physique athletics competition is challenging me to a new level of discipline, and requires fitness protocols specifically designed for lean muscle mass development, strength, and conditioning for bodybuilding competitions. My first time on stage November 5, 2011, was a huge confidence-builder, and offered a learning experience. Wins and trophies are only part of the prize. Each season presents new challenges. I'm focused on expanding my reach and affecting positive change. I’m honored to be among amazing, natural athletes with whom I share a great passion for maintaining abundant health and fitness for the long term.

As a Metabolic Fitness and Competition Prep Coach, I'm honored to share my time, talent and treasure with my sphere and pay it forward to who pursue optimal fitness and aspiring athletes through Physiques Northwest.

We're building wellness communities for those seeking personal ownership and responsibility in optimal health, fitness and lifestyle."