Group classes are designed for all levels and can be modified. Online class registration opens 5 days before a class and closes a half hour before a class.

Once online registration has closed, you may contact the front desk to sign up or ask the instructor if there is room before the class begins.

Group Classes
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Each instructor brings their own exciting flavor to workouts and we have special limited classes regularly!
Barbell Burn
45 minutes of continous weight training using barbell and dumbbells. You'll get cardiovascular benefits while building strength and lean muscle.
Focus on proper form, alignment and posture while increasing strength, muscle tone and stamina in this low impact class.
Full body workout, circuit format, that will get your heart rate up and build strength. Half HIIT and half strength training. Best of both worlds.
Core & Strength
Focus on abdominal muscles, back muscles and mid section to build overall strength and protect your body from injury.
H.I.I.T. stands for HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING and includes cardio, strength, core, bodyweight, props, etc.
Rise & Grind
Strengthen the large muscle groups. One day/week each of upper/lower body. Focusing on correct form and technique and giving you tools to better maximize your workout to obtain the best pump.
Small Group Training
Get a workout with Trainer Adriana. It will be a mix of HIIT, Flexibility, Strength and Mobility sets. Class size is limited to allow personalized focus in a group setting.
Yoga: Vinyasa
Vinyasa yoga is smooth flowing and focuses on nurturing strength & flexibility in the spine as well as the supportive muscle groups. Modifications available.
Yoga: Restorative
Renew your mind, body and soul with our restorative yoga class. Bodies need rest and reflection as much as they need movement and work.
Yoga: Yin
Yin Yoga works deeply into our body with passive, longer-held poses. Through the use of props, we allow our muscles to relax so that we can target our connective tissues – the ligaments, joints, and deep fascia networks of our body.
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