Fremont Health Club is your locally owned fitness facility dedicated to exceptional customer service and programming that will motivate and inspire. We are here to help you reach your fitness goals, whatever they may be.
About us
At the Fremont Health Club, we want to help you along your own personal journey to health. With a commitment to our neighbors, exceptional customer service and programming that will motivate and inspire, we are here to help you reach your fitness goals, whatever they may be.
A well-equipped community
Whatever your health goals, Fremont Health Club has the tools and people to support you in achieving them.
Group Classes
Have a of fun while learning new ways to improve your body and mind. Dynamic instructors create a positive, accountable environment that's welcoming of everyone.
Modern cardio
We have plenty of ways for you to keep your cardio routine exciting. From Peloton to Stair Climbers, Ellipticals, rowers and more - come work up a sweat that matches your mood.
In addition to our large selection of free-weights, you'll find racks, high-quality machines, TRX, resistance bands, kettle bells, and virtually any other thing you need for a great lift.
Men's and women's sauna facilities are available anytime - after a hard workout or whenever you need a little relaxation.
Meet Lillian
Owner, Fremont Health Club
Lillian seized the opportunity to invest in the Fremont Health Club, leaving behind a career in architecture and interior design with a goal of creating a facility that can support healthy living. A place where members can reach and maintain their fitness goals in a welcoming, non-competitive environment, and where they can build lasting relationships within the community. She surrounds herself with a friendly, professionally trained staff of personal trainers, group instructors, nutritional consultants and others that promote health and well-being for all stages of life.

Lillian was a competitive swimmer and cross-country runner in her youth. She has always loved the outdoor sports. Today she tries to keep up with her tween-age grand boys on the field or up the mountain. She loves walking her dog and having coffee with a friend. She strives for balance in all things – in work, in play to serve others with the gifts given to her by her Creator. You may find her covering the front desk but she is mostly stuck in her office. Don't be be afraid to pop in and distract her with a greeting.
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