Meet our Members
Divers Institute of Technology Students
Caleb Drake
Dustyn Maciejeski
Colton Stockdill

Great to have you and your fellow DIT student’s members with us. You all take your workouts very seriously. Is your focus on muscle strengthening or to increase your cardio? Is this an important part of your DIT training? Why?

Caleb: Cardio and overall endurance is better for commercial diving compared to strength training. When we are on deep diving we cannot tell if we are injured during decompression sickness or if we are hurt from heavy lifting so cardio is better.

Colton: Cardio helps with breathing under the water so you don’t hyperventilate your hat. It is key for diving because you can over breathe your hat and hyperventilate your hat.

Dustyn: Staying in shape increases the rate you release nitrogen, the more fit you are, the less time it takes to decompress. Strengthening helps us handle the heavy equipment and water pressure.

Tell us about the program and what you hope to achieve after you graduate.

Caleb: The program is a 7 month trade school, it starts from baby steps and works you up to deep dives. Covers everything from physics, hydrolysis, ridging, to underwater welding. I hope to go offshore, not really sure yet, but I hope to get a good job somewhere and to live a good life.

Colton: I hope to get a job in Pittsburgh which is my home town. I want a good paying job to dive and to live a good life.

Dustyn: I love the water and all water activities such as scuba, fishing, and boating.

This is the largest representation from your school at one time. You joined during the first wave after we reopened. How has FHC helped to change your life during this pandemic season?

Colton: There were not many gyms open at the time and Javi introduced it to us. I was lucky enough to find it and workout to make my diving easier. Great equipment and not many people!

Dustyn: This is the gym that we all chose from DIT and have been here ever since!