Member Spotlight
Dr. Bill Berrington
Member, Dr. Bill Berrington comes in regularly during the quiet of the afternoon with a cheerful greeting and a friendly smile hiding behind the mask. He is often accompanied by his equally energized partner, Beatriz. This week Bill came wearing his “GameStop” T-shirt. I asked if he’d lost money on his investment. With a bold laugh, he said: “Yes and I had fun doing it. I kept a share to remind me of my investment!” Bill seems to pursue all aspects of his life with the same meaningful intention.

Bill and Beatriz joined Fremont Health Club this summer after moving from Denver to Seattle for a job opportunity in the biotech field. Fremont Health Club has provided a great outlet during the covid epidemic. They love the safe gym atmosphere and the staff’s attention to cleanliness. Bill started personal training with Kim Brownlee in this summer after realizing he’d gained a few unwanted pounds during the lockdown. He’s been thrilled with the results that Kim has helped him get.

It's been a tough year to try and relocate. Other than your new job, what are some of the things that have kept you from hightailing it back to Denver. We love it here in Seattle. It has a lot of the mountain views we were used to in Denver but without all the snow. The beautiful water is a great plus and we were lucky to move here this summer when it was so beautiful. It’s tough to explore anywhere during covid but we’ve felt happy to at least get to enjoy the outdoors in the northwest.

It's lovely to see you and Beatriz working out together. Is this an activity that has supported your relationship and/or personal life goals?

The gym has been great for Beatriz and I. We’ve both been able to take advantage of the time at the gym during the covid downtime and have really enjoyed working out together. It’s become our favorite (although basically our only, lol) date in Seattle.

Can you tell us about the biotech research you are involved with?

My biotech company is called Cara Therapeutics and we’re making new therapies for patients with kidney disease. My interest in the kidney field came from my sister suffering from kidney disease. She went on dialysis for two years and received a kidney transplant a year ago. She had a very difficult struggle and is doing much better now after the transplant. Her experience showed me the need for better treatments. I did a PhD in Genetics, then got into kidney research at UCLA when she first went on dialysis. I since have been working to help develop new therapies for kidney disease patients with the hope that the disease will be less problematic for patients in the future.

Thanks for sharing your story. I hope your research is able to help others live healthier lives.