Staff Feature
Gianno Maliani
Get to know staff member Gianno Maliani and his love for fitness, family and the FHC community!
Interview with FHC:
FHC: You have been a part of the FHC team for over a year now. During this time you have achieved two bucket list items: Travel to far-away places (see the Great Wall of China) and get your Personal Training Certification. Your love for family and fitness are evident in the passion you bring to FHC. Tell us about your family that has influenced your life choices.

G: Both of my parents were bodybuilders, with my mother even participating in a number of competitions. As such, fitness was a huge part of my life from an early age and has clearly persisted to this day. Funny enough, when I was younger, I was more inclined to play sports than visit the gym, but as years passed, that preference made a complete 180. It's not just my parents, but my siblings are also fervently tied to the fitness scene, with my brother as my workout partner and my sister sometimes providing me with advice. The gym, and more specifically weight training, has become yet another way for my family to bond and connect.

FHC: Now that you're about to be an uncle for the first time, has this changed the way you see fitness and health?

G: I feel that I have always had a very "healthy" outlook on fitness and health, possibly leaning on the obsessive, but with this addition to the family dynamic, I am interested to see if that outlook might change. I'm curious to see if my nephew will be interested in working out like the rest of us or if the fact that we all do it might make him more rebellious towards that idea. I honestly do not care whether he follows in our footsteps in regard to lifting, but I will ensure that he is active and has some form of physical outlet, as that is too invaluable for life wellness.

FHC: What can you share with our members that may motivate them?

G: I have three pieces of advice:

1. Don't be afraid to ask for help or seek outside intervention. This environment can be intimidating and sometimes it might feel embarrassing to ask for advice or help, but that is how you improve and you can't be afraid to change up what you are doing and learn more.

2. Create a (realistic) image of what you want to get out of your fitness experience. The imagination is a powerful thing and it can act as a great motivator to keep you on track, as well as help you avoid the pitfalls of complacency or demotivation.

3. Everyday is not going to be your best day. Some days you might wake up and you are not feeling it and you tell yourself you're going to "skip the gym today". Those are the most important days where you should go even more. That will prove you have the right priorities and even if you are not feeling strong or that it wasn't a very productive session, you still got it and you should be proud.