Meet Jackie Rea

We are very fortunate to have you with us teaching a regular Barre class, and now as a Personal Trainer. You can do your routine with perfect form yet allow your students to be at ease with themselves. How has your background in dance and entertainment influenced your ability to help others reach their fitness goals?

Much of my training philosophy stems from my background as a dancer, and is centered around the joy of movement. Working out and fitness, should feel fun, rejuvenating, restorative, and extend your limits of what you are capable of. I believe your workouts can echo positivity into your daily life like a ripple effect, so my main goal is to be sure each person is enjoying themself while holding their form to their best ability in that present moment. Sometimes the push or struggle to accomplish a task that is physically taxing is outweighed in comparison to the freedom, release, and strength you find after that push. It becomes a rewarding release that you look forward to and it’s somewhat addictive in a positive way. I cultivated these ideas through experience as a dancer, and integrate them into my clients fitness journeys as much as possible.

You moved to Seattle just before the COVID-19 hit. What have you been up to during the shutdown to stay safe and sane?

I find myself working out and teaching often! It centers me and keeps me occupied in a productive manner. I also love spending time outside in nature, educating myself on important current subjects, and reading books. I most recently finished Glennon Doyle’s Untamed and highly recommend her fascinating and inspirational storytelling!

What kind of a client do you feel you are best suited to help.

I’m here to listen to each individual person, and meet them with what they are needing in that point in time. Being a NASM certified Personal Trainer, and holding certificates in Pilates Mat, Barre, HIIT, Cardio, Balletone, and Bounce gives me a lot to pull from. It may be a killer sweaty workout, or a more mindful approach. I do my best to take the knowledge I’ve gained so far and pull from what best benefits and caters to each person. I also love training woman who have recently given birth and are in the process or would like to rebuild and retrain their core.

Jackie Rea