Member Spotlight: Kurt LeBlanc
Interview with Kurt:

FHC: Thank you for sharing your story with our FHC community. You live in the St James Tower above the gym and take full advantage of the environment around you. You walk across the street to the Lake Union Canal and take your daily swim. Now that we are in the colder season, I can still see you coming in off the street with wet hair as you head for the sauna. Then you slip out the back door to your apartment.

Can you share how you got started on your cold plunge routine? How often do you do this?

Kurt: I’m 32 years old and moved to Seattle in 2018 from Massachusetts. I began a routine of running shirtless to acclimate to the cold before taking a plunge in south lake Union, in August of 2022 when the weather was still warm but the water was starting to get cooler. I committed myself to at least one run and dip a week. As I have continued, I have increased my commitment to once every other day for the better half of the year. I have been an active runner and lover of a healthy active lifestyle for as long as I can remember. This includes skateboarding, hiking, and snowboarding, while keeping up with runs and sports such as Volleyball and Spikeball.

What drives you to the water & what is the coldest water you've been in?

The coldest water I have experienced was 33 degrees in a facility with a cold plunge tub that had running water; although some rivers and mountain lakes I have plunged in during the spring and winter are probably slightly lower temperatures. I'm driven to the water after feeling the benefits of cold water immersion and the joy I feel when I accomplish my goals.

Can you share a little bit more about yourself?

I have had the pleasure of living in St.James Apartments for the last 3 years while working as a manager at a local cannabis dispensary. The convenience and community at FHC were a focal point in moving to St. James Apartments. I love to spend time at the FHC Sauna whenever possible, especially after the winter runs and plunges. In my free time at home I love photography and developing the film pictures I take on adventures around the State/Country. My favorite restaurants in the area are DreamLand Bar and Diner, Mr. Bs Meadery, and Hannyatou.