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Katie and Brandon are reinventing themselves
Ever since they joined last fall, I could tell they were serious about their workouts. I got to talking with Katie and found out she was a spinning instructor. She was very discouraged the day she found out her cycling gym had closed their doors for good. The next thing I know, Katie and Brandon got serious about their next steps. They have now launched their own on-demand virtual indoor cycling studio and they have invited our members to participate for free during the month of March. You can go directly to their page. They will also be included in our on-demand program through the Mindbody site.

The two of you have a great passion for fitness. When did this passion begin and what motivates you to lead others?
Both of us have always made our health and fitness a big priority in our lives. Starting with sports from a young age, we both loved being active and it became second nature to us. Katie began running marathons and half-Iron Mans in her early 20's and after she scratched the long-distance event itch moved towards strength and conditioning. Brandon has always loved being in the gym as it brought him confidence throughout college. We have both been spin instructors at multiple different studios over the years and that's actually how we met! We fell in love with coaching (and each other) and continue to motivate others through music and LOTS of sweat.

How has COVID interrupted/changed your life? Has this helped you in deciding to take the plunge to start your own fitness branding?
COVID has greatly impacted the fitness landscape all over the world. For us specifically, we went from teaching in the cycling studio 4-6x/ week to not being on any schedules. We quickly built up our home mini-gym to keep us from going crazy but it obviously wasn't the same. When we found out our cycling studio was closing for good we were devastated but we still wanted to find a way to keep our fitness community together. After nearly a year of COVID we finally decided to take the leap and start creating cycling content for those who have a bike available (either in the gym or at home)! We pride our videos on being some of the most high quality cycling content out there today (and it's all donation based! So no need to worry about costly pricing). Welcome Rad City Studios!!

FHC has never had a spinning class. What's so great about spinning class and why would someone want to try it out?
Indoor cycling, like so many other exercises, is an amazing full body cardio workout. It is lower impact than many other types of cardio, combines different drills and resistance to keep the body guessing, and utilizes HIIT to get in better overall shape. The best part is you can really make it your own, especially if you are just starting out! Growth is a huge part of this community and we know not everyone starts out hitting every move on the beat and that's OKAY! The reason we fell in love with cycling in the first place is because it is first and foremost fun - we ride to the beat of the music, we don't take ourselves too seriously, and it is free of judgement. So turn up the music as loud as you want, turn up that resistance, and have a party with us on the bike!