Staff Feature
Get to know staff member Marianne Clarke
Interview with FHC:

You have been teaching group classes at FHC for over 8 years now and we love you and your style of instruction. We celebrate you!

1. Your Restorative Yoga class has increased in popularity more than ever over the last couple years. Why do you think that is?
I think that people crave the release from stress and deep relaxation more than ever partly after the challenges we faced during Covid. I also feel like the club membership has become larger and more dynamic since I started teaching restorative yoga. The enthusiasm for classes is infectious.

2. You retired as a middle school teacher but have not slowed down. How do you maintain your intense level of teaching fitness classes?
Anything feels easy after being a full-time middle school teacher, I guess. Remaining active brings me a lot of joy. It relaxes me, too. I also love connecting with the people who take my classes.

Your pup, Prince, is the only dog allowed in the classroom, and the members love him. What make him so special?
Prince loves people. He enjoys greeting anyone who wants to give him a scratch behind the ears. He is content to sleep through class. People think that he is well trained. He actually just loves to relax and be with everyone. He has trained me much more effectively than I have trained him.

You do a lot of traveling. Tell us about it.
I travel mostly to see my family. Three of my four brothers live in LA. My daughter lives there, too, so I like to go to California when I can. My other brother lives in Colorado, and my sister is in Belgium, so I need to make longer trips to see them.
My most recent adventure was to Tokyo where my nephew and his Japanese wife live. They had twin boys in October, so I was eager to meet them and help out. It warmed my heart to spend time with this beautiful growing family. I also fell in love with Tokyo. The food is delicious and people are remarkably kind and patient with visitors.