Get to know FHC member Emily Soto!
(not a crow)
Interview with FHC:
Meet Emily, a long time member and valued part of the FHC community. No, Emily is not a baby crow. But she did befriend this baby crow in its time of need. Shown in the image is Emily’s gym bag and yoga mat, out front of the FHC entrance.

1. What keeps you coming into the gym almost every day?
It’s such an integral part of my routine and I really love starting my day in the gym. For me, when I am consistent I feel better overall, make more progress, and see more benefits in other areas of my life.

2. How have your feelings about your fitness changed from when you first started working out versus today?
When I was younger it was a bit of a chore, PE at school, sports practice, that sort of thing. But finding what I enjoyed in the gym shifted my mindset as I got older. These days I am so grateful for fitness and movement and I enjoy the process of building strength.

3. What do you do when you’re not in the gym?
I spend a lot of time at a ceramics studio in the neighborhood, Yu Tang Ceramics (great teachers/studio if you’re interested!) But otherwise I love to spend my time cooking, reading, visiting family, and petting every dog that will let me.