5 Benefits of Personal Training
It may be the 4th time you've joined a gym. It may be the 1st. Why hire a trainer?
Here are 5 reasons that hiring a personal trainer is beneficial.

1) See results. Safely!
You've joined a gym. Hooray! Now what? What kind of results are you after? Working with a personal trainer can help tailor a program that will safely and more effectively deliver the results you want. With a personalized program you will see faster results. Work out smarter, not harder.

2) Accountability
How many times have you committed to yourself that you will go to the gym this week only to talk yourself out of it because it's raining or you're tired or you forgot you call your mom or *insert other last minutes excuse here*? Having an appointment with a trainer may just be the motivation you need to get there!

3) Achieve Long Term Results
Short term goals are great. Many of you are familiar with the SMART goal method. While it's important to really hone in short term goals, it is also important to reevaluate and asses new goals as they become necessary. Meeting with a trainer to reestablish goals can be key in long term results.

4) Maximize Your Time
We are all so busy today. Who has time for hours upon hours at the gym? More effective workouts also mean more efficient and shorter workouts. That means less time working out, more time on that long overdue house project. (Although, maybe you'd prefer the gym!)

5) Combat Boredom
A boring workout is a soon neglected workout. A personal trainer will keep things interesting and challenging!

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