Member Spotlight: Stacee Dang
Interview with Stacee:

I have been all around the world in my entire adult life, stopping at each country for 2-3 years. I moved to Seattle 3 years ago and like it a lot here so will be here for another few years. I enjoy working out and have been lifting at FHC since the summer of 2022. This is my favorite gym in all the countries that I’ve been too

What motivates you to keep up your workout routine?

People who know me know that I stay very active with multiple forms of exercises. At some point earlier in my life, I realized that training my body would correlate with how happy I am. Being able to consistently do positive things for my life also makes me feel very proud of myself. Regardless of how things are, I always keep up with working out and make it an essential part of my daily routine.

When did you develop a passion for fashion and love for nice clothes?

I work in fashion and always love styling my clothes. I have a few hundred outfits with me that I accumulated through the years and usually an outfit will only get worn once a year. As I add more items to my wardrobe, I also take out older items and donate them to shelters/schools through FHC. I’m so grateful that Lillian has been delivering my clothes to people in need.

I do believe in sustainable fashion and one of the ways I make sure that I don’t waste my clothes is to stay in the same size all my life. Exercising definitely helps with that. I also enjoy wearing shorts and skirts and showing the leg muscles that I earned through countless leg days. I often tell people my favorites accessories to elevate any outfits are my muscles

These are some photos of my outfits. The white 2 pieces with hibiscus pattern are my favorite set from the company that I work for (Tommy Bahama). The dotted vintage dress is a cute find I bought from a local tailor in Seattle. The beautiful traditional dress is my country (Vietnam)’s national costume, I have many different colors and wear it to work all the time. And as we’re talking about working out, I also include one of my favorite gym outfits, the blue two pieces set

Tell us about your two new, little roommates.

Recently I adopted 2 kittens. After years of moving around the world and always being on my own, I never really had any place that I could really call home. Or to be more accurate, I didn’t have a sense of what home was. But now with Agora and Amanha waiting for me in my apartment, I finally feel like I belong somewhere.

Editors notes:

A special thanks to Stacee for donating many

boxes of her outfits to our clothing drive. She now

has more room in her apartment for her furry frIends