Summer Affirmations

Keep your eyes open for encouraging words about the gym...

Outdoor Training- Fresh Air and Vitamin D!

We are excited to offer various outdoor classes here at FHC. Join us for Rooftop Yoga throughout the Summer (schedule posted below). You may also enjoy outdoor cardio as a warm up for your training by biking or jogging along the Fremont Canal on the Burke Gilman trail.

Stability/Mobility Training- Training For Life

Join us for a Squat Rack Clinic with Dr. Carli Kavanagh, PT, DPT from Arrow Physical Therapy on July 20th! Learn about injury prevention, deadlift mechanics, and warmups that are helpful for proper use.

Functional Medicine- Don’t Forget to Rest!

You may also try a meditation or breathwork exercise before and after your workout to further stimulate a mind-body connection. Be sure to take the time for yourself to rest, recover, and listen to your body as needed. Getting regular massages, hot/cold polar plunges, or trying other functional medicine alternatives could be a great addition to your workout routine. Keep an eye out for encouraging affirmation sticky notes scattered throughout the gym. Your mental health and wellness matters!

Written by: Bethany Marie
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