Yuliya Lobets
Lillian, again thank you so much for thinking of me and choosing me as your member feature, I am beyond flattered!

I see you creating your own unique workout routine. You have also bulked up since you first joined back in August.
What is your motivation and goals?

Being a personal trainer and studying Exercise Science in College, I have developed the knowledge to create specific workout routines that are tailored to me and my own specific goals . My current goal however is to be strong and functional . In my workout routines I do it all, olympic lifting, power lifting, plyometrics , conditioning and hypertrophy . Outside of the gym, I am very active and love to cycle, play soccer, hike, surf, and snowboard. All of these sports demand different styles of training, therefore when I am in the gym I like to cross train .

Where does your experience for success come form? Can you share any tips to help someone getting started?

My experience for success comes from failures and hardships. I know this may sounds cliche, but this is true for my own success. I have found that with every hardship and failure I become more resilient and more determined. I have also learned so much about myself with these set backs, I believe they are necessary for self growth. My tips is to try something new, dream big and do not be afraid to fail . Even if you do fail, this doesn’t mean you should all together give up, learn from it, pray, meditate , be kind to yourself , get up and try again.

What's your ultimate career objective and what are you doing to get there?

My ultimate career objective it to become a Fire Fighter. In addition to training to get better at things I enjoy, I have also been training for Firefighting . I bought myself a 40lb weighted vest and have been training with it as much as my little 5’3 body can handle . I am sure you have seen me around the gym with “the monster” thats what I call my vest.

What do you do when you're not working out?

As mentioned earlier, I am very active. I played soccer in college and later got into, snowboarding, surfing and 2 years ago into cycling. I am also retired from the airlines so I have spend the last 6 years traveling all over the world, and would live to continue to do so once boarders open up again. In addition, I love to spend quality time with my family , friends and my cute sassy cat Zola.

Lillian, again thanks for this ! It makes me feel really special that you thought of me .
I was also wondering if it would be okay if I wrote a letter/email to Chief Scoggins, just expressing my interest and desires In joining Seattle Fire, and was curious if you would be able to relay it to him or ( his wife ) . If not , that is totally okay I appreciate talking to you the other day and getting to know you a little. I made another post on my instagram and hope you get few of my friends joining soon .

Yuliya Lobets

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